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    Import is important!


      As I have done a thousand times before I connected my camera to my Mac to import photos and surprisingly no photos show in the dialog box to import. Shut everything down and tried again with same result. Was able to import using the exact same setup via Canon EOS utility and tried importing to Lightroom from there but same result. (No photos showing for import anywhere, (I can't even import random photos I have on my desktop into lightroom) so not just via camera. I turn on my camera and lightroom identifies it correctly but where the photos usually populate remains unpopulated so there is no way to select and import.  I don't know if it related, but I also noticed that recently when I attempt to delete my rejected photos and try swapping to the develop module Lightroom gets angry and makes me have to shut it down and reopen.  Very aggravating lately


      Has anyone else had issues like this?


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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          What version of Lr are you on? Windows or Mac? OS? Can you upload a screen shot showing the full import screen where you can see the card showing up as the source?


          Just to clarify your statement...  you've got images marked with the reject flag, you select them, delete them and go into the develop module and Lr freezes? When you switch modules do you have an image selected?


          If you select an image and tap the D key does it freeze?