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    New window popup is unable to be moved to another montior


      Hey All, pretty new to Photoshop, but I've run into a fairly annoying problem.


      Any new window that opens (New document for example), will open on the primary monitor. I would like it to open on the secondary, where I do my work but the following issue occurs:


      When I drag the window to my secondary, and close it (trying to save its position). Upon reopening that window, it will open up on the primary again, but with only enough space on the title bar to click the X. Closing it while in this state, and reopening again it will be fully displayed on the primary.


      Repeatedly closing and opening it on the primary window won't cause the issue, so I assume it doesn't like being moved.


      I'm on PC and my video drivers and OS are up to date. I've already tried Shift+Ctrl+Alt after opening and resetting preferences from there.

      Due to this while trying to follow tutorials, it makes me think photoshop has hanged due to nothing appearing.


      Any help would be appreciated.