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    Form filling PDF files using Adobe Reader via FileProvider on Android Nougat




      We've been using Adobe Reader to allow our users to fill electronic PDF forms from our app by launching an VIEW Intent with a File URI.  This has been working fine until Android Nougat/7.  Strangely enough Adobe Reader doesn't seems to support EDIT intents, but still allows us to use a VIEW intent for form filling.   With Android 7/Nougat you are now required to use a Content Uri and a FileProvider to grant external apps access to your files in your app security sandbox.  We've made the changes to our code to use the FileProvider for API 24 and later.  Adobe Reader launches successfully and you can do form filling, but it seems to make a copy of the PDF instead of working on the file that directly that we grant Read/Write access to via the Content URI.


      What are the supported intent actions for Adobe Reader on Android?  Does it only support VIEW intents?  What about EDIT intents?  How can we get Adobe Reader to use the content URI we provide instead of making a copy of the file?   Any code sample of how this can work with Adobe Reader would be great.  We have tested our code with other PDF readers like Xodo PDF reader and they all work great.  However, we would prefer for our users to stick with Adobe Reader.