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    Why won't my website post

    Rhiannon Tufano

      i set up the ftp, checked the connection. the connection was successful, i used the right domain name and password.   but my website still won't upload. what do i do?

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          Niharika Gupta Adobe Employee



          Please try some of the resolutions listed on the link- Troubleshoot FTP issues in Dreamweaver


          If still it doesn't help, can we have more details like the server you are connecting to, what platform you running DW on, do you have any proxy or firewall settings? Also, if you record a small video clip demonstrating the issue and send it, that will help us in debugging.



          Niharika Gupta

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            Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            When you go to upload, are you getting any error message or does the upload appear to work?


            If there's an error message, it would be best to let us know what you're seeing.


            If there's no message, and the upload appears to work correctly but you still can't see it online, that's usually a case of missing, or having the wrong, server root directory defined in your FTP settings.


            Your hosting company should have given you 4 pieces of info...


            1. The FTP address (either an IP or domain name)
            2. Username
            3. Password
            4. Root Directory (usually htdocs, www or public_html, but could be just about anything)


            A test connection without the root folder being entered will usually be successful, however when you upload, the files will be one level above what the public can see.


            Another fairly typical "it connects but when I upload nothing shows" issue is accidentally having a redundant root folder locally.


            When you upload your site to your server from DW, you should be uploading the contents of your local root (whatever you named it) to the server root (htdocs, www, public_html, whatever your host gave you). If a folder with the server root name also appears in your local files, and you upload, your site would available online at www.yourdomain.com/serverrootfolder.


            To fix that issue, you would drag all of the files out of the duplicated server root folder to the local root folder (the top named line in the Files window) and let DW re-write all of your links, then re-upload.


            If none of the above fits, we'll need more info to find the issue.

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you define the Root Directory?  If unsure what to use, check with your hosting provider.  See screenshot.




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