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    AEGP Plugin Element: Leaked effect refs (5027 :: 12) | How to Solve

    Shaheer Shahid

      Hello folks!


      I encountered something very very annoying today and I was hoping if someone has a fix or maybe explain what this is.


      Every time I load this one particular .aep file it gives me this message:


      AEGP Plugin Element: Leaked effect refs
      (5027 :: 12)


      And its only happening with this one file which was working absolutely fine since last 8 months. Its basically a template which I use nearly everyday. All other files I load are opening just fine, with or without element except this one file which gives me the above mentioned message.


      I am using AE CS6

      Updated Graphics Card Drivers as well but no luck.


      Please let me know if there is a possible fix to this.


      Cheers guys!