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    RoboHelp Patch Downgrade Procedure from version to





      My company is using RoboHelp since three years with four user licenses. We have 4 Product Help files written in RoboHelp, which is a huge write-up. We use the RoboSource Control to check in all our Source files. The version that was installed and last upgraded onto one of my team member's system was This version is being used since three years.


      Recently three more writers joined the company and installed RoboHelp. By default, an upgraded version has been installed on the three systems.


      Since one system comprises of the downgraded version which is being used for three years, my manager is more comfortable with the older version and feels riskier to upgrade to the higher version, as she is worried that the help files may comprise of broken links if upgraded. The write-up is also huge, and we do not have enough bandwidth to resolve any broken links or any other kind of issues.

      Also, it is riskier to depend on only one system comprising of the downgraded version to build (merge) all the files to one.

      Request you to let me know the patch downgrade procedure from version to


      I tried following the patch downgrade procedure available in the site "https://www.wvanweelden.eu/articles/downgrade-robohelp-project." But this did not help.


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