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    How to properly refer to a document's template used via metadata?

    tobiask43046735 Level 1

      I would like a document's metadata to include information which template('s version) it is based on. What is the proper property for this information? Possible candidates so far:

      • xmpMM:OriginalDocumentID since the template is the base. However, "original document" usually rather refers to e.g. the RAW file a JPEG was created from
      • xmpMM:DerivedFrom, but that is a stretch to my understanding of derived work. Side-question: Can a document have more than one ancestor?
      • xmpMM:Ingredients, which rather seems to be for e.g. included images
      • xmpMM:Pantry - frankly, I don't understand its purpose
      • dc:conformsTo "An established standard to which the described resource conforms." Sounds rather like an ISO or such..