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    Stepped or jagged lines on all Photoshop tools

    YonicStudios O.V.

      I've recently reinstalled Photoshop CC on my Windows 10 Pro PC, and after working a bit with it, I noticed a strange problem.


      After the first 20 actions (selection, brush strockes, etc), any line that I draw with any tool looks jagged or stepped. Every curve drawing tool from Lasso, including all brushes, to Clone and Blur tools are affected by this issue.



      No matter if I connect the pen tablet or just use the mouse, they produce the same lines. This doesn't occur anywhere else (Animate draws lines just fine), so I don't think it is a mouse or pen tablet problem.


      My guess is that there could be a conflict with my two graphic cards, a high-end Nvidia GTX 980 and a mid-end Nvidia GT 710, but I haven't tested out with just one of them. Could this be the issue?