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    relevé d'itinéraire et balisage automatique des photos



      En bref: (suis nouvel utilisateur de LR5)

      - j'ai chargé mes photos a géolocaliser et les ai toutes selectionnées

      - j'ai "chargé le relevé d'itinéraire" et l'itinéraire apparait parfaitement sur l'écran

      - j'ai appliqué le décalage horaire (-7)

      mais dans le menu, le "balisage automatique des photos" n'est pas accessible (grisé).

      Nb1: hier, j'avais testé cette procédure et je n'ai pas eu de problème, cela avait fonctionné parfaitement.

      Nb2: si je selectionne un groupe de photos et que fais right-clic sur la carte : cela marche.

      Ma question : qu'est ce qui fait que ce menu "balisage automatique ..." n'est pas accessible?

      Merci par avance pour votre aide.

      Bien a vous

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          In short: (am new user of LR5)

          -I loaded my a geotag photos and have them all selected

          -I "loaded route reading" and the route appears perfectly on the screen

          -I applied the lag (-7)

          but on the menu, "automatic tagging of photos" is not accessible (grayed out).

          Nb1: yesterday, I tested this procedure and I have not had a problem, it's been working perfectly.

          Nb2: if I select a group of photos and do right-click on the map: it works.

          My question: what makes that this menu "markup automatic..." is not accessible?

          You may have tripped over a bug that hit some users of LR 5 but that is likely fixed in LR 6 / CC 2015: Lightroom 5 Maps Module will not Auto-Tag Photos | Photoshop Family Customer Community


          A couple of things to try:


          - Click the menu that looks like a lightning bolt at the bottom of the map module:

          A number of people have reported that works even when Map > Tracklog > Auto-Tag Photos is incorrectly greyed out.


          - Reset LR's preferences: http://www.lightroomforums.net/showthread.php?25197-Resetting-the-lightroom-preferences-fi le-updated . Several people have reported that fixes the problem also.

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            lesireg Level 1

            Hi John,


            Sorry being so long to respond.


            As per what i read on various forums, I managed a file renaming process and reorganision of all my files within Windows file explorer, reducing the length of the names and suppressing all spaces and accents within the names.


            Before to read your message, i did try again to "auto tag" and the access to this menu was back !!!

            I hesitate between being very lucky or the result of file renamings or ... I dont know.


            Nevertheless i went to all the links you gived and they are very interesting to read especially the link to "the lightroom queen".


            Best regards and thank you again for your prompt reaction and alll the infos.

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