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    plugin not working




      I'm trying to use this PhoneGap plugin: https://github.com/jcesarmobile/FilePicker-Phonegap-iOS-Plugin

      It doesn't seem to do anything.


      I added it to my config.xml, which downloads the plugin within my PhoneGap project.

      <plugin name="com.jcesarmobile.filepicker" />


      When I use the example code and try it out via PhoneGap Build, it does exactly nothing. I think the FilePicker isn't correctly initiated or something.

      function successCallback(msg) {
         alert("success: " + msg);
      function errorCallback(msg) {
         alert("error: " + msg);
      function pick() {
         FilePicker.pickFile(successCallback, errorCallback);

      I also tried:


      window.FilePicker.pickFile(successCallback, errorCallback);


      Any thoughts?