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    After Effects Fresh Install Comp Is White


      Can someone please help with this. I am an experienced Ae user. I have been googling this issue and it seems something that other people have had issues with but no one has been able to give a straight answer or solution to. My Hard Drive died on an MSI GE laptop with Nvidia 960M GFX card. Installed a Solid State Samsung drive, ran fresh installation, and downloaded Ae from my Cloud license on a Windows 10 operating system. Launched Ae last night and the composition preview screen is solid white. No matter how much I zoom it stays white with NO borders. If I import an image and drop it into the comp I get no visual feedback from the window. Wireframe is NOT activated. I have checked the comp setting and even with background colour image set to black all I get is an endless white zone which offers no visual feedback regardless of what I do in the comp. I have tried adding solids and video and still nothing. I have got the most up to date drivers from Nvidia so this should not be a problem. Photoshop works fine. Premiere seems to work fine. I have yet to test Cinema 4D, but given I am a Motion Graphics design director and After Effects is my main tool this is extremely frustrating as it renders the machine useless as a working tool. Its also worth mentioning that before the internal Hard Drive died it ran everything perfectly and was a true desktop replacement machine.