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    Mesh Toggle/ Internal Errror


      Hey Guys,


      Just a quick one to see if anyone else has encountered this whilst using character animator.


      I was having a few problems with making my hands being dragable, so I attempted to toggle on "show mesh" just to see how the character was working together.


      As soon as i did this though my computer displayed an error message as follows: Internal Error Code: (1682591070:2292+11) attempt to index a nil value


      the message continued to pop up every time i attempted to do anything after this and wouldn't allow me to continue until i restarted the programme.


      Anybody encountered this before or have a quick fix ?





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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Usually this is an issue where the numbers of your puppet aren't lining up right for some reason. I believe some of the reasons this might come up will be fixed in the next version.


          If you restart, did it start working again? Usually I've found this is a temporary thing that a restart can fix.


          If you go to Window > History, you can see every step you've taken. Sometimes I've found taking a few steps back can help resolve issues like this.


          If it persists and you have reproducible steps, let us know!