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    CF Noob Wants to Understand cflayout

      Here's what I want to achieve using cflayout. A customer requests a customized report on a specific subject. The report is all words. I create the report by checking options in a record for that customer that is created in a database, and by typing in a few lines of custom text in two or three different fields of the same database table. Each customer's report is linked to that customer's userID.

      The customer then eceives an email with a link containing their userID (for example, 123. They click the link, and they are taken to a webpage that outputs the report data from the database. On this report output page, there is a tabbed control box. Each tab is a different section of the report, but the data is only for that particular customer. In other words, Tab A might load a section titled "Strengths" for customer 123. Tab B loads a section titled "Weaknesses" for customer 123. Customer 123 does not need to see data for customer 124, either.

      Let me explain it in amateur pseudocode:

      <begin cflayout>
      <tab 1>
      Displays contents of "Strengths" field from database for customer 123 only
      Displays contents of "Weaknesses" field from database for customer 123 only.

      Would someone mind giving me a short code snippet that would demonstrate how this might work? Or if cflayout can't do this, is there another CF approach?

      Many thanks,