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    .0625 shift when printing, again...


      I know this topic has come up before; I've walked through a dozen threads on it, but I'm still not convinced that the "acceptable margin for error on your printer" is the answer.  Quick walk-through:


      1. Printing playing cards, two rows of four on 8.5x11 paper.  I have one document for the fronts, one for the back.
      2. I'm not having the printer print double sided -- I print one side, feed the paper back through to print the other side.
      3. I printed hundreds of sheets like this over the past three months while prototyping a game.  The front and back aligned every time with such a small margin for error that it was unnoticeable when the cards were cut out.
      4. Installed InDesign on a new laptop and can't get a single front and back aligned now.  This includes files that I produced on the old machine which previously lined up perfectly.
      5. It's incredibly consistent -- there's an additional .0625 inch to the right margin on the landscaped pages.  And it's .0625 every time.  Someone made the comment that if you print front/back 10 times you'll get 8 variations.  Point taken, but not happening here.  The change is extremely consistent.


      It seems like I must have a setting in InDesign adding that extra bit of margin to both new and old documents at print time, but I can't find it anywhere.  Copying my print profile summary below and would certainly appreciate any guesses or insights that people have to offer.


      Print Preset: 8 Card Spread
      Printer: HPFD7EB5 (HP ENVY 4500 series)
      PPD: N/A
      PPD File: N/A

          Copies: 1
          Collate: N/A
          Reverse Order: Off
          Pages: All
          Sequence: All Pages
          Spreads: Off
          Print Master Pages: Off
          Print Layers: Visible & Printable Layers
          Print Non-printing Objects: Off
          Print Blank Pages: Off
          Print Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off

          Paper Size: Letter
          Paper Width: 8.5 in
          Paper Height: 11 in
          Page Orientation: Landscape
          Paper Offset: N/A
          Paper Gap: N/A
          Transverse: N/A
          Scaling: 100%
          Constrain Proportions: On
          Page Position: Centered
          Thumbnails: Off
          Tiling: Off

      Marks and Bleed
          Crop Marks: Off
          Bleed Marks: Off
          Registration Marks: Off
          Color Bars: Off
          Page Information: Off
          Printer Mark Type: Default
          Crop Mark Weight: 0.25 pt
          Mark Offset from Page: 0 in
          Use Document Bleed Settings: Off
          Bleed Top: 0 in
          Bleed Bottom: 0 in
          Bleed Left: 0 in
          Bleed Right: 0 in
          Include Slug Area: Off

          Color: Composite RGB
          Text As Black: Off
          Trapping: N/A
          Flip: N/A
          Negative: N/A
          Screening: N/A
          Simulate Overprint: Off

          Send Data: Optimized Subsampling
          Download: N/A
          Download PPD Fonts: N/A
          PostScript®: N/A
          Data Format: N/A

      Color Management
          Document Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
          Color Handling: Let InDesign Determine Colors
          Printer Profile: Document RGB - sRGB IEC61966-2.1
          Preserve RGB Numbers: Off
          Proof Profile: N/A
          Simulate Paper Color: N/A

          Print &as Bitmap: Off
          Bitmap Resolution: N/A
          OPI Image Replacement: N/A
          EPS: N/A
          PDF: N/A
          Bitmap Images: N/A
          Transparency Flattener Preset: [Medium Resolution]
          Ignore Spread Overrides: Off

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          Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional

          Hi, just to make sure, the whole design on the page is always offset by the same amount.

          Has your content in InDesign moved somehow?

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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            Your printer summary shows no PPD, do you have the proper PPDs installed for this printer?

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              Dr_Usual Level 1

              Nope, I double checked that -- everything's lined up the same in the InDesign doc.  It's easy to check, since they're standard playing card size at 2.5" x 3.5".  Also, I have fourteen different files that lay out different decks/backs via data merge.  Wouldn't totally discount the idea that I could somehow bump each of them, but it's more likely a setting that I tweaked (or didn't tweak) globally.



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                Dr_Usual Level 1

                Ah, that could be it.  It's a brand new laptop and it auto-detected the printer on the network, so it's possible that I had a specific driver installed on my old laptop and a generic one on this machine.  I'll give that a try this morning.  Thanks!

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                  Dr_Usual Level 1

                  So, some interesting results after experimentation.  Although I was never able to get PPD to show up in the selection in Adobe, I did finally get the print to align again. 


                  First, I re-installed InDesign on my old laptop and moved the files over there.  Printed -- and everything lined up perfectly.  The only difference in setup is that the old laptop had a much older driver for my HP printer.  I wasn't able to find the driver file to install on the new laptop, though; I could only get a more current driver, and never fixed that shift.


                  Next thing, I found that when I exported the pages to PDF and printed on either machine, the two sides lined up perfectly again.  I don't know what the explanation is here.  Print the document directly from InDesign and got that shifting effect.  Printed from PDF, worked fine.


                  Finally, I got a new Brother printer.  (I was looking for one that had a lot better ink efficiency since I'm printing a lot of card prototypes.)  Installed the base driver on the new laptop, the two sides are aligning great whether I print from InDesign or PDF.


                  TLDR; my problem appears to have been solved, though I can't say that I actually solved it.