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    How do I extend the composition of a finished template?


      I bought an AE template to build up my own promo video, there is blank comp in it with 15 blank scenes.


      I have finished the videos(only needed 6 out of the 15 available scenes) but some scenes won't be fully displayed because of the length of the composition I believe, the transitions between the scenes just cut the end of some of them.


      I have already tried to change duration time in all the scenes + the main comp then I press end + alt+[ but nothing changes, like the video screen just goes blank instead of showing the rest of the scene.


      I also tried time remapping and nothing changes.


      The original comp and scenes lasted 1m30s then I added extra 30 seconds to all.


      I added some screenshots from the main comp and configurationshe language is different but the display of info is the same so you might understand them.


      I'm still a rookie learning how to get the gist of the program but I would really appreciate If you could give me any ideas on how to solve this issue.


      after effects 1PNG.PNG


      main composition.PNG

      comp scene 1.PNG


      Thank you so much.