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    After Effects cc2015 on iMac 5k


      Hi! Some questions about the iMac I use at work...



      iMac 5k 17,1

      Sierra 10.12.2

      4GHz Intel Core i7

      32 GB DDR3

      AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4GB

      After Effects

      Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Monitor


      Problem 1:

      If there's just one or more missing footage in a timeline, I see an absolutely BLACK screen.

      It doesn't happen on a twin iMac that we have in our office, opening the same project.


      Problem 2:

      Often this message even if I have the project's font:

      Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 16.46.53.png


      Problem 3:

      Very often No RealTime preview. I've tried to activate and deactivate Mercury Transmit but it's the same.

      I have a Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini monitor 10.8.4


      Problem 4:

      This kind of message when the render is finished:


      Problem 5:

      "unable to allocate 0.000 mb of memory" at the end of a render (even if the render is ok)


      Problem 6:

      I have to restart the iMac manually with the button, "Reboot" doesn't work.

      The problem doesn't exist if I don't use Adobe software. Notice that the iMac isn't connected to internet.


      Problem 7:

      I add a project to Media Encoder Queue...but nothing happens in Media Encoder.


      thanks a lot!!!!!