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    PC crashing when rendering. 32 bit issue?

    thefyn Level 1

      I rremember there was some script or exe that can help programs that have issues with 32 bit programs running on a 64 bit platform.


      I'm running Windows 10 and now my Adobe premier crashes if I render long vids.  i know there is a workaround I did on a different PC that fixed this type of hang but I can't remember How I did it.


      I've tried drivers/memory/running on different disks/different render file types but nothing works.


      Now I have to export the files to a super slow laptop to render.  Any help on crashes during rendering would be appreciated.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Windows 10 is a 64 bit operating system, so you don't need the hack. Assuming you're using one of the 64-bit versions of Premiere Elements. (You don't say which version you have.) Besides that hack still won't get you access to RAM of over 4 gigs.


          What processor does your computer have and with how much RAM? How much free, clean, defragged space is on your hard drive?


          I wouldn't assume that your using a 32-bit version of the program is what's causing your crashes. Especially if you are able to do the render on a different computer.


          But how long are your projects? And what model of camcorder is your video coming from?