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    Pub TOC ids

    Debby Texas

      I exported an inDesign book to epub and have spent many hours editing the sections. I included a table of contents. In the course of my editing I noticed some strange gibberish at the beginning of each section and I removed it in some of them to clean up the book. The ones I have not touched look like this:


      <div id="u2gCoP3N6LYM3wJN9t8Xf2H" class="Basic-Text-Frame">

      <p id="uZ9Fvl7wOI84zQevWj5EAIA" class="caption18B"><a id="uvb4uNuFnWB2aPjagqxnhq8"></a>Title of Section</p>


      Unfortunately, I learned too late that the p id "uZ9Fvl7wOI84zQevWj5EAIA" relates back to the toc.xhtml and toc.ncx files so I rebuilt the reference for the ones I deleted. I can find no reference to the div id= and a id= numbers anywhere in the book. Will someone explain what the gibberish after div id= and a id=  refer to and is it OK to delete at least those? BTW the TOC works in the epub when I open it in iBooks even with out the div id= and a id=s.