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    InDesign opening issue


      To the Adobe Community,


      hope you can help.



      I’m running InDesign CC 2017 (completely up-to-date) on a Mac.


      I have an InDesign document on our server where two users have access to it.


      When one of us opens the document, makes changes and closes it down (but doesn’t close InDesign) the other person can’t open it without InDesign being shut down by the first user.


      Because this document contains Job Numbers, we don’t want to store multiple copies on our desktops (this may cause the Job Numbers to get out of synch).


      The Adobe Chatline recommended I copy it onto my desktop temporarily, delete it from the server and then copy it back onto the server. This didn’t work.


      He then said to get in touch with IT to check my proxies & permissions.

      This is where my expertise falls down.

      When I go to ‘Get Info’ the permissions don’t allow me to change access (screengrab attached).


      All other InDesign documents on the server don’t have this issue and allow permissions to be granted in the ‘Get Info’ panel.


      Best regards & in hope


      Louise Wilkinson








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