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    Can't save any files...


      Is there some limit when we save a file?

      I met trouble in saving files to HDD in MAC BOOK Pro (sierra).

      How can I save??

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          No, there isn't any limit. Did this suddenly start happening? Were you able to save before? Can you confirm which version of XD you're running?



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            archemedia Level 4

            Same for me. It started happening after I added new art boards. I'm on a mac.

            I tried:

            - save as... >> doesn't work

            - select all, copy, new document, paste, save >> doesn't work


            I'm a little bit panicing because when this bug is solved, I'll have to update XD so I'll have to quit. I have created lots of new art boards since my last save so...


            version: beta


            I exported all of my art boards to svg so I can remake them (worst case scenario)


            Yes, I was able to save before, it just started happening. Last save was yesterday (20 art boards ago )