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    Questions about generating output in 2015

    susancvineyard Level 1

      I am just starting with RoboHelp 2015, and I need some questions answered about how to get the output I want.


      We currently use RoboHelp 7, and generate HTML help as a chm.


      What we want now is to generate two separate files, one HTML5, and our webmaster would like to generate XML to automatically upload to the Web.


      We want the HTML5 version to be filtered, so we'll need to use conditional tags. The online version will contain everything. We want users to be able to filter the content once published.  We also want the output to be responsive. I want our Help to look like the Whirl example (I will create new CSS).


      I am thinking that both outputs will have to be HTML5 and our Web person is going to have to figure out how to automate uploading that to the Web instead of XML.  Am I correct in this?