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    How to import Aperture Library. The "Import" button is grayed and non functional ?

    ppg198 Level 1

      Hi !


      I use a MacBook Pro retina under Mac OS.X.Sierra (last Apple Version)


      And Lightroom latest update 2015.8


      As I do need to use now Lightroom instead of Apple'a Aperture. It was convenient for me until now.


      I have an Extra or a Plug-in to import Aperture whole Library with the infos related to each of my 22.000 pictures and graphics.


      So I was to do so...


      Lightroom : File > External modules or Extras > Import from Aperture Library...

      I've selected Aperture Library item

      I've chosen which folder will content the Masters and so on

      I have a look to the Options...


      I have to mention I use an external Drive for My Pictures. A good one ! So I do want to use the same for LightroomMasters


      And I was ready for a quite long night.


      BUT the IMPORT button is gray and non functional !


      What else ... Must I Do !


      Thank you for any support tor Idea.


      Best regards,