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    Player Control Buttons Partially Displayed

    michellew52859110 Level 1

      My employer just purchased Adobe Captivate 9.  About four years ago, I used a very old version of Captivate (maybe v5 or v6) for a short period.  After that, I changed jobs and used Articulate Storyline.  I just started a new job and my new employer just purchased Adobe Captivate 9, which I've been teaching myself how to use for the last few weeks.  When I try to preview my file, only the outline of the player control buttons will show; in other words, the outline of the buttons will display, but the actual button image is missing.  I thought it was a Windows memory issue, so not only did I close all of my open applications, but I shut down completely and powered up again, but the issue persists.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.