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    Peer Review Now Accepting Applications

      The Puget Sound STC Peer Review is now accepting applications to review the work of technical communication professionals. The Peer Review is your chance to have your work reviewed by your peers in a safe and productive manner.

      The Peer Review is open to anyone. There are no geographic limitations. You do not need to be an STC member to apply. You can apply as an individual or as part of a team.

      The Peer Review is inexpensive. For a review fee of as low as $50 you will receive valuable feedback on your work. You'll receive detailed comments from the judges.

      The Peer Review offers recognition. Projects are awarded certificates in a range of award levels. This is a great way to gain recognition for the work of you and your team.

      The Peer Review offers three main categories: Online Communication, Printed Publications, and Technical Art. Your work will be reviewed by two or more judges who are volunteers from the technical communication community – in the Seattle area and internationally. Projects are measured against standards developed by the Society for Technical Communication. This is not a competition.

      The Application period ends Monday, October 13. Applications are available on the STC PSC web site.


      Contribute as a Judge - locally or remote
      If you are in the Puget Sound area you are invited to apply to be part of our judging team. If you would like to contribute your expertise as a judge but live outside the Puget Sound area, you can still contribute. There are opportunities for judges to participate from your home or office via the Web. You can give back to the profession while engaging with interesting projects.


      Joe Welinske
      V.P. STC PSC