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    Elements 14 will not RE-start after quit

    fr. defenestrato

      Using Windows 10 Pro on a 64-bit system. I installed my licensed Elements 14 and launched and used it successfully. However, once I have quit Elements, it will NOT start again, neither from calling the application itself (Start Menu) nor from attempting to open a file with Elements. NOTHING visible happens in response any call to the application. Nothing short of system restart fixes the problem.


      I believe this is because Windows thinks Elements is still running. I believe this because when I tried uninstalling from "Programs and Features" I got an error message saying the program was still running and would I please close it. Task Manager, of course, did NOT show Elements 14 as a running app, but did have a Photoshop Elements process running. I am not sure why all processes wouldn't close when I quit Elements; nor why the program should refuse to start again because there's a running process; but that's where I am. Any advice? It's really NOT acceptable behavior.
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          arshla jindal Adobe Employee



          Inconvenience is sincerely regretted.

          The process Photoshop Elements in task manager is the one for Elements 14. You can quit it manually from the task manager and then try launching the elements.


          It should work fine then.




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            ajays74965046 Adobe Employee



            The reason elements editor does not open after quitting it once would be that the process is still working in the background, please check by getting into the task manager.

            Quit the elements editor process manually in task manager.

            Right click on the elements icon on the desktop and click on Properties> compatibility. There set the program to work on compatibility mode and select windows & in the drop down. Also set it to Run as Administrator. Click on Apply> Okay.

            Do the same thing for Elements Editor application by getting to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 14 and then check the program functionality.


            Thanks and regards