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    recent update does not save .pdf file association


      Hello all,

      We have several users reporting that Adobe Acrobat is losing file association on Windows 8.1

      - this is confirmed with Adobe Acrobat XI 11 standard and Pro

      - no available updates, most recent was: 11.0.19


      - user opens .pdf's and Windows asks what program should be default for the .pdf extension > select Adobe Acrobat and the .pdf opens

      - close the .pdf and try to relaunch to .pdf asks again what program to associate the files with and does not stick

      - all other adobe extensions:

      • .acrobatsecuritysettings
      • .bpdx
      • .pdx
      • .fdf
      • .xfdf
      • .pdfxml
      • and more save (remember file association with out issue)

      The .pdf's do not save.


      We have tried:

      • uninstall & reinstall
      • rebooting
      • setting the .pdf file association manually
      • confirming the registry keys for associations outlined in a few forums
      • setting the default through the program itself
      • confirmed 2 products were not installed at the same time (Reader & Acrobat)


      We believe this is not windows related as all other acrobat extensions are associated just not the .pdf

      We do not have any GPO's applied to set .pdf or prevent a user from setting their .pdf default

      - If we do run the adobe cleaner tool and reinstall and if it does confirm to work should we not update, can we confirm this is a recent update bug?


      Any insight on this would help, we have searched several adobe forums but all report on out dated versions that are not relevant.