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    Javascript Code to select by layer names in Photoshop File!! (using the Jam engine or otherwise)


      I have a series of *.jsx files that run on the jam engine, to automatically create a series of image results from template files containing smart objects.


      My question is!!!


      Is there a way to select a specific layer/smart object, other than calling out the layer name?!! I ask because sometimes layernames are incorrectly renamed or deleted, and I would prefer a more failsafe method than depending on layer names to render files correctly.


      Is it possible to select layers by color? Size? Position? Meta Data?


      Or alternatively, is there a way in the code that I can lock the names of layers so it is impossible to change them?


      A apologize for the vagueness of the question, I cannot find any options in the Photoshop API reference PDF




      With much appreciation,

      Thomas Murphy