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    SWF Sidebar Video Timing Problem

      I’ve tried a few times importing a 2min 30 second SWF to the Sidebar location, and low and behold the video only plays for the default 5 seconds, when the Presenter file is saved to my hard drive for previewing?

      The default “5 seconds” seem to be inherited from this location: Presentation Settings: Playback:Duration of Slide without Audio or Video.

      What went wrong or can be done to correct this?

      Why isn’t the length of the slide = to the length of the SFW video?

      Thank you.
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          AAnkurA Adobe Employee
          You have to add silence to your slide of duration 145 seconds (5 sec is default duration of slide and you add silence for 2 mins and 25 secs). This can be added by going to 'Edit Audio' and selecting insert silence.

          In case of SWF videos (Inserted through 'Insert Flash') their time is NOT respected. For all other video types(FLV,MOV,AVI etc) which are inserted through 'Import Video' their time is respected.