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    Manage Image Sizes when using Image Processor to convert .AI to .JPG

    lightmasterchip Level 1

      Hello all!


      I have an unusual issue with using the image processor in Bridge/Photoshop that has me puzzled. I wish to use the image processor to convert large groups of .AI files to .JPG files. Within a given batch of images, the .AI files will have different sizes of bounding boxes. This means that when an .AI file is opened in PS, the small dialog will appear with image dimensions (in my case, it defaults to pixels) for width and height. So... here arises the problem:


      The image processor does a great job of converting the files, except that the resulting files always are the same dimensions - and the dimensions appear to be the dimensions of the most recently opened .AI file. This causes the resulting .JPG files to be distorted/disproportional. I have found that the files save to the dimensions of the last .AI file that was opened in PS.


      The only 'fix' to this issue to to open an .AI file of each dimensional size, and then run the image processor for all .AI files with that specific bounding box size. Then, repeat the process each time the bounding box size of the .AI file is different.


      Using the 'Resize to Fit' option to limit the file size does not help. It keeps the file from not exceeding the set limit, but the distortion/disproportion is still present.


      My goal is to be able to use the image processor to convert multiple .AI files to .JPG with the dimensions of all of the resulting files to be proportionally correct, and the same as the bounding box sizes of the .AI file.


      I will attach a screenshot of the Image Processor settings I am using.


      Adobe CC, most recent versions of all apps.


      Any suggestions that anyone may have would be greatly appreciated!