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    After Effects 2017 Launch Error


      Hi all, i've got a problem with the new update of After Effects CC 2017.

      I state that I have always had this and other Adobe software on my PCs and I have never had any kind of problem.

      After updating to the latest version when i launch the software it pop out this notification window, totally black and without any message.


      When i click on the window nothing happened, so I tried to click in the area where are typically present the buttons "OK" and "Cancel" and, after clicking, the black box is closed and opened another one, white, showing an error message.

      Along with it has also opened a web page addressed to Adobe's online support.


      Photoshop and Illustrator, after have updated they along with After Effects, are working normally.

      So my question is: to any of you it has never happened this problem?

      Is there a quick and painless way to solve it?

      Thank you all.