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    Vector Files


      Can I open and edit vector files in Adobe InDesign?

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional
          1. You can import vector files into an InDesign document via File > Place.
          2. Once the file is placed, you can right+click it and select Edit With > Adobe Illustrator to edit it.
          3. Save and close Illustrator and InDesign will update the file with your edits.


          PS. You posted this in the non-technical Lounge forum. I'll move it to the InDesign forum for you.

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            flaming1 Level 2

            You can also copy and paste from Illustrator to Indesign, then continue to edit the vector in InDesign.


            In most instances you would use the workflow Barb provided, but sometimes it's easier to work solely in InDesign.


            Personally I find InDesign's tools are far better for drawing and editing vector than the equivalent tools in Illustrator.

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              Migintosh Level 4

              flaming1  wrote


              You can also copy and paste from Illustrator to Indesign, then continue to edit the vector in InDesign.

              I don't personally work that way, but I seem to remember reading that some complex things that can be done in Illustrator (but not with InDesign's vector tools) won't work if pasted into InDesign. Maybe someone can confirm this.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                What do you understand with Vector Files?

                1. If it is a drawing from Illustrator, save it as an AI or PDF/X-4 file and import it to InDesign via File > Place…
                2. If it is done with Photoshop (which I would not recommend) save it as PDF and place it in InDesign.
                3. If you need an open vector form for graphic purpose like filling with an image or text, you can copy from Illustrator and paste to InDesign. (If it does not work and places an image, make changes in application's preferences > File handling in both.)
                4. If you need a vector form from InDesign, copy and paste it from the other file.
                5. With CC subscription you can create a CC Library Object from any CC application which can make such objects and place it from the CC Library in the other program.
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                  flaming1 Level 2

                  Correct Migintosh - complex effects like gradients and raster effects won't make the transition well, or at all. Sometimes you may also have issues with complex paths and if the Illustrator file is too complex Indesign will convert it to an EPS on paste which you can't edit in Indesign.

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                    Deb1638 Level 1

                    Thanks to everyone who answered.  We sometimes receive vector files from instructional design vendors and at times we need to be able to open / edit / use these files. Sounds like I will need to rely on both InDesign and Illustrator for this!

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                      BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

                      To help you understand the workflow, InDesign is used to handle document layout. Designers add text (often from Word), photos (often from Photoshop) and illustrations (often from Illustrator) to an InDesign document, and then arrange and format in a pleasing manner.


                      If your job is to edit all aspects of the InDesign publication, you will likely need to learn all three Adobe programs. You can edit the text directly in InDesign but will need Photoshop to edit the photos and Illustrator to edit the illustrations.