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    Lightroom not sync'ing 100% with mobile - especially flagging

    MatthewDoudt Level 1



      We've been using our iPad for some time to do our culling via sync'd collections.  We flag picks and deletes this way and love doing it because it usually syncs immediately right back to our LR catalog on the computer.  Lately we're having an issue where LR on the computer is not receiving all of the Flagged Picks.  For example, LR mobile (on both iPad and on my iPhone) both show that we've picked 119 pictures from a Session (which is correct) but on the computer only 104 of those flagged "Pick" actually show up.


      I can even go online to adobe.com and it shows that there are 119 files Picked.  Still only 104 in LR and I can't figure out anything to do to update my Computer to match what LR Mobile shows.


      Any thoughts??  Its maddening trying to figure out which files didn't sync.


      I've had success using the "Read Metadata from File" function from the Metadate menu.  It seems to find the lost "flagged" files but I didn't know if this was also possibly doing anything else to cause trouble.


      Anyone else having this issue??  Something like flagging files you just want it to work perfectly every time.  Its pretty important.


      Thanks in advance,


      Matthew Doudt