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    Palette Usage

    jobro1 Level 1

      Do InDesign palettes open, close or group of their own accord? Maybe I'm crazy, but I'll have (for example) the color swatch palette open by itself, and later I'll look for it only to find it docked with another palette, or no longer open.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          With docked, collapsed panels, only one is open at a time. For instance if the Pages panel is open:

          InDesign CCss_003.png

          And you open the Para Styles panel, the Pages panel closes.

          InDesign CCss_004.png

          Changing workspaces changes panel displays and groupings:

          InDesign CCss_007.pngInDesign CCss_006.png


          Also, you have panel controls under Preferences:

          InDesign CCss_005.png

          Finally, as an instructor, I routinely watch students undock panels and close them, unconsciously. They swear they didn't do it, but I watched and wait for the question about the missing panel. It happens All.The.Time!

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            If your panels are collapsing immediately on use, then

            in Barb's last screen shot, the command you are looking for is:

            Auto-Collapse Icon Panels

            Uncheck it if it is checked and your problem will go away


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              jobro1 Level 1

              Thanks for the advice! I wish there was a way to disable docking altogether; I like to keep my panels separated. They seem to be "sticky," so if you move one next to another, they automatically dock.