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    Puppet head does not attach to the body in Character Animator... please help!

    MarkEaster Level 1

      I'm a first timer and I need help.


      I created a puppet in photoshop and imported it into Character Animator.


      The head attributes all work fine, the eyes, eyelids, brows all are working great.  See attached video test.


      For reasons unknown to me, the head will not attach to the body. I have used the staple tool, but it still will not attach.


      I'm guessing it's something simple, but I just don't get it. It's possible that I have done something wrong in the original photoshop file.


      Could someone look at my .psd file if I send it to see if I have created the layers properly?


      I have a client waiting to see this and I'm getting frustrated.


      Help please!!!