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    Terrible support - Support Guy Lost ALL my Presets

    geb01 Level 1

      Two calls, both failed to resolve issue.  First guy told me Lightroom "didn't do that"  With second guy I re-created the problem while he was on my computer with remote support.  Without my permission he recreated the Lightroom folder and wiped out all my export and develop presets and for some reason much of my color labels.  Case number 0188666666.


      My Lightroom - most current version on most current version of Apple OS -  on both my iMac and MacBook will intermittently blank out all menus screens, the menu areas left, right, top, and bottom go black though image remains (and no, its not hide menus or full screen, the menu space is still there it just goes black..  Seems to occur after I minimize LR window then maximize it. I have to then close and reopen LR to get it functioning again.


      The inability to solve the problem is bad enough but for the guy to delete all my presets without asking or giving me the opportunity to copy them off somewhere is unforgivable. 


      I have no idea how I'm going to re-create them all.  Is the old folder/file  somewhere I can find it?