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    Using images as part of a small-scale press release


      Hi there, I'm confused about distribution with standard licences.


      I have received 50 free Adobe Stock images  as  part of a trial with Creative Cloud/Photoshop.


      What I want to do is to have some images that we can use on our website AND distribute with our press release. We are a tiny campaigning organisation, so no huge coverage.


      When I look at the licenses for my free downloads they say Standard license - which seems to suggest I couldn't forward the images onto another organisation as part of a press release. Is that correct?


      But when I look here




      it says that Adobe Stock images are royalty free: "A royalty-free asset is licensed such that it can be used for any illustrative purpose, even in a professional context, without geographical restrictions or expiration dates". Nothing about any license restrictions.


      Is an image with a standard licence a royalty free image or not?


      Sorry for naive questions, am a newbie to all this. Thanks for help.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Going by the information you have provided you should be fine with the Standard licensing of the images. Yes, the images are all royalty free. Meaning you may use them as many times as you like without paying any further costs as long as the use case meets the agreement. That is unless of course the use requires an extended license then you would need to purchase the extended license. The Extended license is also royalty free.


          So in short, you should be able to use the images as often as you like for your company as long as you are not selling an item with the images on them. If you need the images for another business or client you will need to license it a second time.

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            maisiemara Level 1

            Ah Brad, that's great news. Thanks very much for your help.