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    Wobbly wave brush strokes on Osx Sierra

      Hi everyboby, I am experiencing some issues with my brand new Cintiq 13" hd and hope that some of you can lead me to the light



      Basically I have got an Imac 27" 5k brand new at maximum setup plus this brand new wacom 13"hd (I bought it yesterday) and every time i run photoshop cc2017 the lines that i draw are always really wavy. I tried reinstalling drivers, newer and older, changing settings to both photoshop and the tablet, taking the tablet away from appliances and far away from the monitor but nothing, that lines are always wobbly. The issue is not exagerated but really disturbing as it seems that the line are made by a person with shaky hands. I noticed that with Manga studio and corel painter the issue doesn't exist so my question is: is there any working fix to apply that actually works?



      Thanks a lot to all of you that can help me.


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          nickg28 Adobe Community Professional

          Have you Calibrated your Wacom Cintiq?


          Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.10.19 PM.png

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            manna.davide87 Level 1

            Of course, has been the first thing I did.

            But anyway as I previously mentioned the tablet is brand new so the calibration is an essential step.

            Is three days that I am looking in forums for a working solution but apparently that's an ongoing issue between Adobe, Apple(Sierra) and wacom. No driver update solve the issue (I tested them all from the first to the most updated) and neither tablet calibration or monitor solution. Last check I did yesterday has been deactivating "Mission control" that can cause some bugs with softwares as Maya but even this attempt has been unsuccessfull.

            I have no more solutions that i can think of....