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    manipulating a word with InDesign

    diggdug39 Level 1

      I have been learning a lot of these Adobe image and design programs for probably one month and now I trying to learn InDesign along with Photo Shop and Illustrator. The task that I am working on is creating an ad so that I can send into our local swap sheet to promote a new addition to the store that I work at. However, I have no idea first of all how to get started and jump off of a sample ad that my store placed on the front page quite a while ago. The main promotion that my store is trying to get out to gain a new customer base is the option to make large format prints using our Fotozoomer kiosk. Has anyone even heard of this software name before anyway? I try to learn this whole entity every day because we are going to have an open house with new customers in which I am going to have to assure people that they not only can see me use this kiosk software and wide format printer but also can use it themselves. So does anyone have any beginner steps I can use or learn to create this ad?


      I did want to know if I should create the Fotozoomer name using Photo Shop, Illustrator, or can it be made in InDesign?




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          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

          I would use Illustrator for this. There is not much text, and you can get the effects you are looking for best in Illustrator.


          Does that answer your question?

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            philippanmei Level 4

            In adobe software Illustrator would be the best to do or if you want to choose another software than try coreldraw.



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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              No, don't use Corel, as it is not PDF based as Illustrator ist. Use Illustrator which has the best compatibility to InDesign and Photoshop of all vector drawing applications.

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                Eternal Warrior Level 4

                So you need to only create the logo or the ad itself as well?

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                  diggdug39 Level 1

                  I need to create both The image I put up as an example is the logo but the example below is a slight idea of what I was thinking for a layout but with coupons and a section with the store pic and information.





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                    Eternal Warrior Level 4

                    Then as others have said Illustrator for the Logo itself.. then use InDesign to make the layout etc and if the logo is required Place it from Illy into Indesign...

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                      diggdug39 Level 1

                      How would I make those sections in InDesign?

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                        Eternal Warrior Level 4

                        Could you clarify the question, please?

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                          Bo LeBeau Level 4

                          Normally i would say that you should ask FotoZoomer for the logo or even a basic ad layout. After a quick glance it seems that they want you to buy all your supplies directly from them. With that in mind, advertising material for franchise owners should be a no-brainer.


                          Their system seems to promise more than they can deliver. In the ad you provided in your original post, they show a variety of sizes from the same image, but the ratios of the images are not the same. Notice the white space at the top of the 11x14, the hat almost touches the top edge. Compare this to the 24x36 where there is a lot of white space between the hat and the top edge. They purposely used a photo that has a white background. Trust me, not one of your customers is going to have a photo like that unless it was shot by a professional photographer.


                          The photographer/studio retains the copyright to all the photos they shoot. This is because they want you to buy any copies/enlargements from them. This may violate their copyright.  Saying that this is a self-serve kiosk and any liability is the customer's issue doesn't get you off the hook. Since you mention having to use the kiosk you will very likely have to do most of the work for them since the average customer won't be able to figure it out by themselves. This work you provide likely shifts the copyright liability from the customer to your shop.


                          Of course, this is just one example of what customers will want to produce. You will get photos of all different sizes. Low resolution images for cellphones, etc, photos that the customer scanned at home on their all-in- one with a low resolution will also be the norm. Try explaining to them that their images cannot be enlarged to a specific size because of the height to width ration would require it to be either cropped or distorted to fill the size they want and that it will likely be very pixelated. You will get a lot a blank looks when you try to explain the limitations.  And people will bring in images that they downloaded from the internet that are only 2 x 2 inches @ 72 ppi. Disregarding for the moment the issue of copyrighted images on the internet. The image will never work for any enlargements. They will bring in rectangular images and want them printed as a square image (or vice-versa)


                          Good luck with all of that.


                          As for your ad for the local swap sheet, if you aren't used to working in InDesign (or Illustrator or Photoshop) this will likely be more trouble than it is worth. The swap sheet will be glad to create the ad (for a fee) This will save a lot of time and heartache on your part.


                          Again, Good Luck!