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    Getting error #1009 desperately need help

      Ive created a search engine in flex no to elaborate and it works to a certain extent. the timeline is i input a word and hit the search button it sends the word to a php script that looks in the database for entries in a table that match then returns the values of the rows to the php file and spits out an xml file. The xml is then parsed by the search engine and the nodes are put into an array collection whos data is then used by my itemRenderer to populate a list component.

      Now the problem i have is that if i input a search word that i know has more than one entry in the database all the code works the search works and it populates the list properly. However if i input a word that has only 1 or no entry it get the error #1009 and i cant figure out why. i kind of understand if the arrayCollection has nothing in it since its a null object but when i know theres an entry it makes no sense why its spitting that error out.. heres my mxml code for the search engine..Thank you in advance to any who can help me..