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    On numbered lists, number font showing too large

      I noticed a messge about this previously, but the fixes don't help me. I started creating this project in RH 7, so I didn't use a project from previous versions. I only have one .css, so it isn't getting them confused. The text looks fine to me when I'm editing a project but the output shows the numbers on the steps as much larger than the 10 pt. Verdana text. Here's the code:

      <ol><li class=p-List1><p class=List1>On the menu bar, click <span style="font-weight: bold;">File</span>
      | <span style="font-weight: bold;">Open</span>. (You can also click <span
      style="font-weight: bold;">Open</span> on the toolbar.) The <span style="font-weight: bold;">Open</span>
      dialog box appears.</p></li>
      <li class=p-List1><p class=List1>Navigate to the file to be opened.
      <li class=p-List1><p class=List1>Double-click the file. The dialog
      box closes, the modules in the configuration file appear in the <a HREF="System_List_Pane.htm">System
      List</a> pane, and the details of the first module in the list appears
      in the <a HREF="Current_View_Pane.htm">Current View</a> pane.</p></li>

      Is the "p class" causing this problem? I don't know much HTML and cannot remember what p class means, anyway.