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    Making a macOS application from working Windows application??


      Have an ActionScript project for an application that runs on Windows. Now I want to compile and export the application to run on macOS.


      1. Do I need to specify that I want a macOS project when I start a new project? How to do that?

      For windows projects, I select new “actionscript project” I can select “web” or “desktop” but I don’t see where to specify “macOS”. If I choose new “actionscript Mobile Project”, then I can pick “iOS”, but that is for iPAD and iPhone. I want macOS, just for regular mac laptops.


           2. If I just select “actionscript project” and proceed, then I come to an error when I add in my mac ANE files. The error says:

      this ANE does not support air-native-win32 platform


      So I think that somewhere… I need to specify that this project is not for windows, but is for macOS.


           3. When I export the project, there are a number of options, which one is correct to build a macOS project?

      If I just use the Export Release Build . I get a release for Windows Applications.


      The macOS build release should look something like this:

      Two folders:

      -  _MACOSX     and

      -   applicationname.app


      Thanks for any help making a macOS application with Flash Builder