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    Don't understand anything in prices on Adobe Stock

    Alesclandre Level 1

      Hello I'm sorry to ask but I don't understand anything to the prices on Adobe Stock.

      I'm a Creative Cloud subscriber, and seem to have a set of 10 images free. Ok.


      Now, I go to Adobe Stock, and see images but there is a standard license with no price and an extended license with a price (in French) :

      Capture d’écran 2017-02-15 à 10.49.46.png

      • is it because I have a set of 10 images free ?
      • Is it because I'm a Creative Cloud Subscriber ?
      • Is it because it is a free image ?


      What will happen if I click on "buy this image" ?

      • Will I be charge in my Creative Cloud account for a price that I don't see ?
      • Will my set of 10 images decrement to 9 ? So where do I find the number of images I can still get in this set ?
      • Maybe it is free, so nothing will happen ?


      It is absolutely not clear and don't push me to buy anything on this site.

      Thanks for your answers