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    Signing a PDF


      I have a problem to sign a PDF with a digital certificate based on a HW Token. If I try to sign a PDF in Reader DC (protected mode is enabled) the popup for entering the Smartcard PIN will not be shown. If I deactivate the protected mode so I can sign the Dokument but the signature is not valid (message: the document has been changed). Any idea? I use the Reader DC Version 2015.006.30280 and SafeNet Client Version 8.2.



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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi DanielHertig,



          I'm interested in learning more about what you are reporting.

          If PM is enabled, would you please confirm you are able to select the digital ID from the list of available IDs.

          I assume, after making the selection, no dialog is shown for you to enter the PIN and signing is never completes. Is this the case?


          And also confirm when PM(Protected Mode) is disabled, you are able to select the digital ID, enter the PIN and signing is completed. Then when validating the signature, it shows the invalid signature/document has been changed message?



          -Tariq Dar.

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            DanielHertig Level 1

            Hi Tariq Dar


            Yes I confirm if PM is enabled the signing never completes. I can select the Certificate, then the Reader DC hangs up (DC is not responding again). After you reopen the PDF the signatur is visible but not valid (error with BER-Decoding). I think the problem is that the Reader DC can not read the privat key on the Smrtcard. I also confirm the second case, there is a message like "the document has been changed" and the signatur is not valid. But in second case the Reader DC can read the private key because the Dialog from Safenet to enter the PIN is visible. Please note that this problem occurs only with Reader DC,  Adobe Acrobat X Pro works fine. Thanks for any input about this problem.



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              I've the same issue after signing my document "invalid signature/document has been changed or is corrupted".
              No problem with PM activated or not. The PIN code is always requested.

              I use the Reader DC Version 2015.023.20056 on Winx64.

              Digital signature from french authority ChamberSign is stored on USB Key.

              Many thanks for your help.


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                Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                Hi Daniel and Yann,



                Would you please go through this link: Protected Mode — Acrobat Application Security Guide 

                Also check this one: Protected Mode troubleshooting | Adobe Reader



                -Tariq Dar.

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                  DanielHertig Level 1

                  Hi Tariq


                  Thanks for the links. The problem with the hidden window for entering the PIN is a problem with the SafeNet Client. SafeNet Version 9 solve this problem. Not solved is the problem with the invalid signatur after I signed the document. I have made various rollbacks of versions that we used. The latest version that works is the version 2015.006.30198. Any idea?



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                    DanielHertig Level 1

                    @ Yann


                    Try to change the Default Signing Format to CAdES-Equivalent (Preferences - Signatures - Creation and Appereance Preferences). Maybe it helps.



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                      EDiCS Level 1


                      Many thanks for your message

                      After reading documentation and trying some changes, no improvment.

                      My setting was aleady with CAdES-Equivalent signing format.


                      BUT I've just tried to uncheck "Include signature's revocation status" and now it works fine, the signature is valid !