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    Fix for "Rolling back action" problem during installation

      We've had problems installing Captivate v3 from CD in recent days, after our district brought our systems up on Active Directory. The installation process would get all the way through to the Registering Product phase, and then it would inexplicably show status as Rolling back action, and the progress bar would go backward. The installation wizard would then show a message indicating that the wizard had been interrupted, the system had not been modified, and I'd have to run setup again later.

      I spoke with an Adobe Tech Support guy in Manilla (very pleasant young man, by the way), and he found an internal document that indicated that if the TEMP and TMP Environment Variables for the Windows XP Operating System were mismatched (common for systems running under Active Directory, where the TMP variable typically gets reset to a location specific to the user within Documents and Settings, while the TEMP file remains the same), then Captivate installation will roll back.

      I reset both TEMP and TMP to their default (c:\Temp) restarted my system, and everything installed fine.

      To locate and make sure TEMP and TMP are set to the same directory, perform the following steps:
      1. Right-click on My Computer,
      2. Select the Properties option from the menu,
      3. Click the Advanced tab,
      4. Click the Environment Variables button toward the bottom of the window.