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    Problems launching Photoshop CS6, was probably updated to Photoshop CC




      I am using a MacBook Pro on which I had a Photoshop CS6 installed, from a boxed product I had bought before you guys launch Adobe Cloud a few years ago. It was working fine until recently, but I had to subscribe to Adobe Photoshop CC for another Computer (a Windows 10 laptop) I was using for work last year. I had Adobe CC setup on my Mac also for another app I had installed for a trial. I cancelled my Adobe CC subscriptions earlier this year because I didn't need it anymore.


      I am currently traveling with my MacBook Pro overseas, and I recently found out that I am not able to launch Photoshop CS6 on my computer.


      I tried to launch it either from the Start Menu bar shortcut or from the Applications Adophe Photoshop CS6 folder, with the same result:

      A "Adobe Photoshop CC" window pop ups with a "Wait for a moment" message and then it hangs forever, and Photoshop CS6 doesn't launch.


      I guess Adobe Cloud has updated Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop CC on my laptop at some point, and since I have cancelled my subscription it is now failing to find my licence, or loading.


      What can I do to revert to the software I initially paid for? Again, I am traveling overseas, so I don't have access to my old archived emails and backups.


      Thanks for any help,