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    adobe cloud promotional offer 2017 jan terms

    taoadm Level 1


      Has anybody used this 2017 Januar cloud promotional offer?

      My first and most important question is: for how long will we get this discounted monthly price? Is it till March 3? Or do i have to make the order before offer expires?

      Terms say: At the end of your migration offer term, your membership will be automatically billed at the regular membership rate

      When will this migration offer term end? If i would get discount till March 3. then there is no point of ordering it anymore

      My company has one CS5 retail license and we are ready to join creative cloud. In the beginning we will be using single product monthly subscription.

      Terms say that its for migration. Does is mean that i should not use my CS5 license anymore? Could i still use CS5 license and order this discounted subscription for different user?