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    Is there a general purpose 'refresh UI' function available ?


      Hey All (but especially Bruce, if you've got your ears on)


      I'm using the clipItem.setSelected(true/false, true) method to programmatically set selection and deselection on multiple clips in the active sequence.

      Unfortunately what I'm finding is that sometimes Premiere fails to update the UI as I was hoping/expected...it's as if it gets out of step.  Subsequent selection/deselection calls appear to select/deselect the previously targeted clip.  Manually, manipulating the timeline window after the fact (adjusting the window size, moving the audio video track separator, or adjusting track height or similar) seems to refresh the UI such that the items in the sequence that had previously failed to (appear to) become selected then do have the selection status that they should.


      Weirdness notwithstanding, is there any discrete method by which I can simply ask the sequence to update its UI ... after I've finished selection processing .. so that any unexpected selection issues might be corrected?


      Many thanks in advance.