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    Break point changes in Master


      My problem is when I make changes to design elements within a breakpoint, these changes are applied across all breakpoints.

      Any solutions good people?


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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Could you be more specific?

          – What kind ob object are you modifying?

          – What kind of modification do you apply?

          – What has this to do with the caption you used ("Breakpoint changes in master")?

          – Are you modifying objects on a master or a layout page?

          – Are the breakpoint defined on a master or a layout page?


          Generally spoken:

          – you can change all settings, which are shown in the "Transform" panel, breakpoint-wise.

          – You can change text attributes (size, font, colour, …) breakpoint-wise by using the "T/4T" icon (last icon in the vertical toolbar).

          – You can’t change object attributes (stroke, colour, fill, transparency, …) breakpoint-wise

          – In the last case, you can hide the object breakpoint-wise and place a new one, which you can hide in other breakpoints. You can achieve this by right clicking onto the element and choose the "Hide in breakpoint/Hide in other breakpoint" command.

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