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    Can't import photos from iphone6

    Bernd Angerer

      Back to the game of rebooting and spending days (!!) trying to import my photos from iphone6 to Lightroom :


      1) phone shows up in list of devices but LR tells me there are no photos

      then after various activities to find the problem, reconnecting, logging in, rebooting etc...

      2) iphone no longer even shows up as device.


      3) updating LR creates a whole new set of issues.  LR has permissions issues ? ???? Iphone does not show as device for importing anything (it is connected, i am able to sync in itunes, no cable issue for sure, it's only LR that doesn't see the iphone)


      It's a macbookPro, osX 10.9.5, latest LR as of today, IOS 10.2.1 on Iphone6


      any help out there please?