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    JavaScript editor for Mac using Parallels

    ddunn@davidsdunn.com Level 1

      I am most likely not the first to discover this, but nonetheless it was a very happy discovery.


      I work on a Mac but run Windows too, under Parallels. With my routine it is simply best to work on my Acrobat forms on the Mac, with the exception of course when it comes to editing my scripts. Those familiar know that if you use an external Mac text editor with Acrobat, you must quit the text editor in order to return to and use your form.


      I discovered that if I set the Acrobat JavaScript preferences on my Mac to use a Windows text editor (in my case, I am using notepad++), I lose that very annoying problem of having to quit the text editor to use my forms in editing mode. When I edit a script, whether the script is attached to a field, a Document JavaScript or All JavaScripts, notepad++ opens in Parallels, and when I close the script in notepad++,  leaving notepad++ open, I can then return to and continue working on my form. It appears to work as well as editing a form's script in Windows.